Iberdrola USA Engineer - System Planning (CMP) 65203 Augusta, ME in United States


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CMP-ME-Augusta General Office Augusta,ME


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Education & Experience Required:

Transmission Planning team would include collaborating, performing, and leading reliability and/or market driven studies across our operating companies and beyond including voltage, thermal, PV, transfer limit, short circuit, and stability assessments. Our planners not only interact with internal teams but also become active with their industry peers on regional activities (e.g. NPCC, ISO’s, etc.). Each planner has the freedom to work independently while being given opportunities to lead, all while receiving constant support from and collaborating with other team members across Avangrid. A familiarity with various planning standards (e.g. NERC, NPCC, etc.) and planning software packages such as PSS/E and TARA is certainly a plus; however, most importantly we are looking for a collaborative, technical and innovative power systems engineer with good communications skills that wants to be part of a highly effective team. Our planning team also places a high value on other related experiences in the electrical power industry such as substation design, construction and protection and control systems. III. Collaborate, perform, and lead reliability and/or economic driven studies including voltage, thermal, PV, transfer limit, short circuit, and stability assessments. Analyze and assess complex transmission systems at numerous voltage levels. Document and communicate results and recommendations as appropriate including data manipulation, report writing, and summarypresentations. Continually strive to innovate and integrate improvements to increase the precision and efficiency of transmission planning.Strive to seek out and develop subject matter expert skills as necessary to mentor and support the team to aid in

Job Description:

the advancement of business needs. Collaborate and interact with internal teams and industry peers on regional activities (e.g. NPCC, ISO’s, etc.). Develop and apply a thorough understanding of various planning criteria, guidelines, standards (e.g. NERC, NPCC, etc.) and analysis software packages such as PSS/E, TARA, and ASPEN. Participate in transmission and substation site inspections, attend industry workshops, training, and user group meetings as needs arise.


Job Requirements, Education, Skills & Abilities Required Education: BSEE required with additional consideration given to applicants with Advanced Degrees or Certifications (e.g. MSEE, PE, etc.)

Required Experience: 3-5 yrs (industry related)

Opportunity will be posted from 08/27/18 through 6 PM EST on 09/12/18

Company: Central Maine Power Company

Department: Transmission Planning

Job Title: Engineer - System Planning # 65203 Augusta, ME

Reports to: Manager, Transmission Planning

Location: Augusta, MA, US

REFERENCE: 5099481301

Publication date: 27.08.2018