UNS Energy Corporation Substation Engineer I, II, III, IV or Senior in Tucson, Arizona

UNS Energy Corporation, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, is a subsidiary of Fortis Inc., the largest investor-owned electric and gas distribution utility in Canada. UNS Energy Corporation’s public utility subsidiaries, Tucson Electric Power Company, UNS Electric, Inc. and UNS Gas, Inc., provide electric and gas service to customers in southern and northern Arizona. For more information about UNS Energy Corporation, visit http://www.uns.com.

Tucson Electric Power provides safe, reliable electric service to approximately 414,000 customers in Southern Arizona. Although our company has been in business for more than 120 years, we continue to look for innovative ways of providing value, comfort, convenience and security to our customers every day. We’re evaluating cutting-edge energy technologies, reshaping our energy portfolio and expanding our renewable power and energy-efficiency programs. While our line of work can be challenging, it can also be rewarding. Our team of dedicated professionals values engagement, enthusiasm, innovation and collaboration.

In return, TEP offers a competitive compensation and benefits package that includes a 401k plan with a generous company match, a company-sponsored pension plan, tuition reimbursement, life insurance, long-term disability insurance and much more.

We are currently seeking a talented individual for the position of Substation Engineer. The successful candidate will create engineering designs, construction drawing packages for new and existing substation related projects, and related specifications for projects in the assigned engineering group. Performs engineering studies, design calculations and evaluates alternative designs or processes related to substation and other facilities and substation standards. Specifies material and equipment required for assigned projects and assists in the evaluation of suppliers and products. Acts as a project engineer/manager for assigned projects.

Position-Related Responsibilities

  • Develops designs and evaluates possible alternatives to meet both major and minor substation project requirements. Assigned projects may be at voltage levels ranging from 4kV up to 500kV. The primary design responsibilities encompass physical layout of the substations and associated equipment and facilities, major equipment and overall material specification and ordering, equipment factory acceptance, substation design and calculations for power equipment and facilities, wiring and cable design, commissioning checkout creation, and functional checkout. Works closely with the project manager on overall project management from inception to energizing.
  • Develops detailed design specifications appropriate for the use in compiling material lists, procurement activities for equipment, materials and service required for project completion.
  • NERC Facility rating tracking.
  • Works closely on all projects with engineers from the Protection, Communications, Automation and Metering (PCAM) Engineering section who develop all protection, control schematic drawings and do all communication and automation equipment related design.
  • Works closely with Civil, Transmission and Structural Engineers to determine physical locations of equipment and proper sizing of structures and site design and grading.
  • Evaluates, from an engineering standpoint, vendors, manufacturers, equipment and/or components available to meet project specifications and in conjunction with the Materials Procurement Department recommends awards that optimize cost and reliability.
  • Provides budgetary estimates of projects for departmental or interdepartmental incorporation into the Capital Budget.
  • Develops and monitors work progress on project schedules to assure proper coordination of events during the design, construction, testing and energizing phases of a project.
  • Initiates job tasks (work orders) and tracks expenditures as may be required to complete Capital Budget project assignments.
  • Leads formal and informal meetings concerning assigned projects and is able to communicate effectively with all levels of personnel both in the office and field crews.
  • Assists with departmental and interdepartmental training to assure proper installation, operation and/or maintenance of substation equipment when requested.
  • Assigns, directs and reviews the work of assigned engineers and/or other employees associated with an assignment. Consults on problems of a technical nature encountered during various work assignments.
  • Reports to the section Engineering Supervisor or Superintendent and performs other assignments as requested.
  • This position may provide services to affiliates of the Company subject to the UNS Energy Code of Conduct and the related Policies and Procedures.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

(Equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.)

*Engineer Level I *


  • Will have primary responsibility for small modification or revision projects.
  • Will assist more experienced engineers in large projects, standards creation or process and procedure creation.
  • Will assist in the review and revision of material and design standards.

Minimum Qualifications

  • B.S. degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in power or mechanical equipment related classes.
  • Less than two (2) years professional experience in an engineering role.

Engineer Level II


  • Will have primary responsibility for small to medium sized projects and will assist more experienced engineers in large projects. May require close supervision on new aspects of assignments.
  • Act as the project engineer for assigned projects.
  • Create standards and process or procedures as needed or requested.
  • May be assigned to perform technical studies as needed.
  • May have several projects assigned at the same time.
  • Works well with personnel from Construction, Field Technicians, Procurement, Project Management, and Engineers from various disciplines.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum qualifications of Engineer I with two (2) or more year’s professional experience in an Electrical or Mechanical engineering role.
  • Acts as the technical project lead for assigned projects
  • Ability to estimate cost of various types of construction and installation.
  • Creation of bill of material for project procurement requirements.
  • Manufacture drawing review and approval.
  • Perform lightening protection studies and develop design requirements.
  • Physical equipment layouts and elevation drawings.
  • Checkout and commissioning procedure creation and execution.
  • Cable schedule creation and conductor sizing.
  • Wiring diagram creation.
  • Provide grounding studies for ground grid design and other requirements.
  • Bus sizing and design.
  • Develop specifications for construction of various substation projects.
  • Work with more experienced Engineers to provide forensic review of failed equipment or asset health from testing results.
  • On call duty to respond to outage events and provide forensic and technical expertise to rectify and re-engineer the issue for a solution.
  • Shall have strong analytical capabilities and requires close supervision on new aspects of assignments.

*Engineer Level III *


  • Requires moderate supervision and technical assistance in project assignments.
  • Will have primary responsibility for projects small to large and assigned to perform technical studies as needed.
  • Act as the project engineer for assigned projects.
  • May have several projects or studies assigned at the same time.
  • May assist other engineers in large projects.
  • Requires technical guidance and supervision on non-standard assignments.
  • Works well with personnel from Construction, Field Technicians, Procurement, Project Management, and Engineers from various disciplines.
  • Comfortable with presenting departmental training material in front of others.
  • Can represent TEP when meeting with other companies or organizations as a technical lead.
  • Has successfully completed Fundamentals of Engineering, F.E. exam and registration.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum qualifications of Engineer II with four (4) years or more professional experience in an engineering role with at least two years at an electric utility company or illustrate equal competency. Is a self-starter and has developed good time management skills, completing all assignments on time.
  • Has developed good leadership skills and is fully comfortable leading meetings and speaking in front of others.
  • Factory acceptance testing review and approval of results as a company technical representative.
  • Familiarity with material for voltages ranging from Distribution to 500kV.
  • Develops procedure(s) for various functions within department’s range of responsibilities with oversight.
  • Familiar and demonstrated use of IEEE and ANSI standards associated with job function.
  • Develop facility studies for interconnection and operation customers.
  • Ability to evaluate and implement changes that result in operating at a higher rating or voltage.
  • Scope document creation for budget and schedule creations.
  • Interpret Planning memo requirements for the development of project scope of work with technical, economic and sequencing of project all considered for an optimized design.
  • Requires technical guidance and supervision on non-standard assignments projects.

*Engineer Level IV *


  • Will have primary responsibility for projects of any size or complexity and act as the project engineer.
  • Follows approved standards in design with minor modifications.
  • Will assist in training of less experienced engineers or technicians.
  • Has attained Arizona Registration as a Professional Engineer (P.E.).

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum qualifications of Engineer III with six (6) years or more professional experience at an electric utility company in an engineering role or illustrate equal competency. Is able to work independently.
  • Requires minimal supervision in project assignments and requires technical guidance only on unusual or complex problems.
  • Time management, technical knowledge, and economic consideration are exhibited in all assignments.
  • Capable of developing specifications for various equipment and construction practices.
  • Basic technical leadership skills have been developed.

Engineer Senior


  • A top-level individual contributor who may be assigned any project that is within the section’s responsibilities.
  • Approves design changes and creates new design standards. Will be the first option in performing technical studies and applying new designs.
  • Will assist in personnel selection.
  • Provides leadership to the section from both a technical standpoint as well as assumes supervisory responsibility when needed.
  • Provides direct backup support for section Supervisor in allocating work assignments to other engineering personnel and assist in manpower planning.
  • Will be the primary source of training for the section and will share information openly.
  • Will act as a technical mentor to new or less experienced engineers.
  • Primary focus will be on supervisory skills training, but must be technically proficient.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum qualifications of Engineer IV with eight (8) years or more professional experience at an electric utility company in an engineering role or illustrate equal competency.
  • Proficient in all aspects of time management, project organization, and technical analysis.
  • Demonstrates strong leadership skills and supports all decision making with superior technical knowledge and economic analysis.
  • Makes decisions independently and does not require guidance or supervision on any technical or project management activity.
  • Only requires supervision on overall objectives, policy matters, critical issues and new concepts.

Company: Tucson Electric Power

Location: Tucson, AZ

Job Category: Engineering

Position Type: Unclassified