UNS Energy Corporation Office Support Assistant (pool) in Tucson, Arizona

Southwest Energy Solutions is accepting resumes for Office Support Assistant in our Tucson location. The rate of pay for this position is $15.85 per hour. We are currently accepting applications for positions in our Office Support Assistant Pool.

Normal Minimum Requirements:

  • Proficient at the beginning level in Excel and Word (testing will be conducted)
  • Multi-tasks oriented with attention to detail
  • Good organizational skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Bend/Stoop and lift

*PLEASE NOTE:To be considered for this position, a Resume must be submitted, enumerating qualifications and skills.

In order to qualify for this position, you will have to pass the below testing.


The testing will consist of two separate exams.

  1. Beginning Excel

  2. Beginning Word

Pre-employment drug testing must be passed.

Position Description:

This job classification provides direct administrative support to a Principal (member of management with significant supervisory responsibility) or a significant program. Receives limited instructions with respect to details of assignments. Maintains high level of confidentiality.

Essential Functions:(As defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, these include the following responsibilities, minimum job knowledge, skills, and abilities. This is not necessarily an all-inclusive listing.)

Position-Related Responsibilities:

¨ Provide direct administrative support to a Principal, such as maintaining the Principal’s appointment schedule, and relaying orders/directions to the Principal’s direct reports on behalf of the Principal.

¨ Research and resolve routine inquiries from customers, vendors, agencies and staff about Company/department processes, functions, and policies and status of individual transactions on behalf of the Principal.

¨ Schedule, coordinate, and confirm appointments, travel arrangements, meetings and meeting facilities, and contracts outside services (such as copier repair).

¨ Track unit/departmental budget, employment, performance and operations projections, status and achievements.

¨ Coordinate projects and requirements with other departments and outside agencies.

¨ Compile data and create and maintain spreadsheets, and prepare, create, print and edit statistical, operational, and other specialized reports.

¨ Enter and maintain data in mainframe databases, generate reports, proof results and correct entries.

¨ Compile information and prepare, create, print, and edit a variety of word processing documents, including correspondence, contracts, requisitions, purchase orders and forms.

¨ Order and maintain inventory of office supplies and specialized goods for assigned unit/department.

¨ Establish and maintain specialized manual and automated indexing and filing systems.

¨ Perform assigned work in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with Company practices and procedures.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

¨ Departmental and Company terminology, programs and procedures

¨ Office practices and procedures, including those pertaining to confidentiality and security of information

¨ Business English, punctuation, grammar and spelling

¨ Manual and automated records management practices

¨ Spreadsheet, database and word processing computer software

¨ Bookkeeping principles and practices

¨ Representing a Principal to his/her direct reports, other staff and the public

¨ Maintaining confidential information and exercising solid business judgment on the Principal’s behalf

¨ Prioritizing and scheduling assigned work

¨ Coordinating a variety of office machines including copiers, fax machines, calculators, personal computers and computer terminals

¨ Using spreadsheet, database and word processing computer software

¨ Effectively communicating both orally and in writing

¨ Researching inquiries and interacting with customers and vendors and providing customer service

¨ Accurately posting and maintaining specialized files and documentation in manual and automated systems

¨ Performing basic arithmetic calculations

All employees are expected and required to adhere to the Company Code of Ethics and Principles of Conduct.

Company: Southwest Energy Solutions

Location: Tucson, AZ

Job Category: Administrative

Position Type: Classified