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Sacramento Municipal Utility District Hydro Electrician (DEADLINE EXTENDED) in Sacramento, California


Posting/Working Title:

Hydro Electrician (DEADLINE EXTENDED)


Power Generation

No. of Openings:



An Electrician does skilled mechanical and electrical work in and about electric substations, underground systems, and power generating plants.

The Electrician is a skilled trades’ class involving the installation and field maintenance of electrical equipment.

Job Code:


Desirable Qualifications:

Experience with the following:

  • Hydro Generation Equipment

  • High Voltage - 4KV 69KV 230KV

  • High Voltage Breakers - Oil Circuit Breakers - SF6 Breakers - Vacuum Breakers

  • High Voltage Step-up Transformer Maintenance

  • Electrical Schematics and Print Reading

Base Salary Hourly High:


Selection Process:


Pay Scale Group:


Minimum Qualifications:

Education: Completion of a recognized apprenticeship or equivalent training in the electrical trade. Demonstrated experience at a Journey level in the installation, connection, and maintenance of electrical equipment in one of the following; high voltage transmission and distribution substations, switchyards and large power generating plants; Industrial and commercial facilities. Basic computer and key boarding skills.

Skill To: Comprehend and apply technical information in shop manuals and training texts; follow written and oral instructions for installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment; develop and maintain effective working relationships with all groups of individuals; complete forms, requisitions, reports, and document work performed; perform work at heights, in confined spaces, and use ladders in a safe manner; perform required math calculations, including algebra and trigonometry; distinguish colors; safely lift and carry up to 80 pounds of material and move heavy cylinders; use testing equipment such as ammeters, meggers, circuit breaker test sets, sweep frequency response analyzers (SFRA), AC Power Factor test sets (DOBLE) and voltammeters. In addition to the above: Understand electrical maintenance procedures, electric schematics, and wiring diagrams; perform repairs on high voltage power transformers and circuit breakers, motor control centers, switchgear, batteries, battery chargers, large generators, motors; troubleshoot electrical circuits and equipment using testing equipment, wiring diagrams, schematics, and vendor instruction manuals; use testing equipment such as ammeters, meggers, and voltammeters. Skilled in interacting with engineering and operations personnel; performing math calculations, including algebra and trigonometry; writing to complete forms, requisitions, and reports; reading and understanding electrical maintenance procedures, electric schematics, and wiring diagrams, performing repairs on transformers, motor control centers, switchgear, batteries, battery chargers, large generators, motors, cranes, motor operator valves, communication equipment, and air conditioning systems; troubleshooting electrical circuits and equipment using testing equipment, wiring diagrams, schematics, and vendor instruction manuals; using testing equipment, such as ammeter, SFRA, power factor Doble, ultrasonicNibration tests, computer based test equipment, TIR, breaker speed analyzer, transformer resistance tester, micro ohm tester, High Pot, meggers, and uses voltmeters; milling machines (vertical and horizontal), cutting machines, threading machines, lapping machines, and grinders, (air, electric, and surface).

Knowledge Of: Basic mathematics including multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, decimals, fractions, square roots, exponents, and basic algebra and trigonometry in order to compute calculations and understand electrical theory. Knowledge of methods, materials, tools, and equipment used in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical equipment; National Electric Code and Electrical Safety Orders of the Division of Industrial Safety applicable to electrical work, electrical terminology and theory; appropriate use of English grammar in order to understand and comprehend instructions and communicate information; electrical safety rules and regulations; preventative maintenance on electrical equipment; electrical installations; switchgear; electrical rotating machinery, such as motors and generators; common and special tools used in electrical work; ferrous and nonferrous materials; procedures to machine a variety of materials; and, sheet metal work, lay out and manufacture.

Position Type:

Regular - Full Time

Physical Requirements:

Work in radiation areas; under adverse conditions, such as extreme heat. Take a physical examination and meet an acceptable standard determined by SMUD’s physician. Willingness to: follow safety policies, procedures, practices, and exercise caution when performing duties; work overtime as workload and deadlines require; and, work on-call as needed. Applicants must be able to perform the essential job functions with or without a reasonable accommodation.

Position Location:

Fresh Pond

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

New Construction/Installation of Equipment

  • Installs steel structures, insulators, and bus; installs high voltage switches, disconnects, and fuses.

  • Installs, splices, and terminates high-voltage cables; installs high voltage transformers and circuit breakers; installs conduit, wireways, raceway, fittings, wiring, cabling, conductors, and circuits.

  • Installs underground service conduit, cables, and ground grids; installs equipment, switchgear, motor control centers, motor operated valves, and pressurized systems; installs and maintains batteries and related equipment.

  • Operates equipment such as boom and bucket trucks, forklifts, aerial equipment, cranes, and uses rigging and lifting techniques to install large equipment.

  • Reads and interprets mechanical drawings, diagrams, and instructions such as layout and erection diagrams, structural elevations, exploded views, cutaway diagrams, and related information.

  • Reads and interprets electrical drawings and diagrams such as wiring diagrams and schedules, schematic and elementary diagrams, one lines, and related information.

  • Follows processes and procedures for oil handling/testing during installation of large oil filled electrical equipment.

  • Installs Microprocessor Relay panels and Protection Schemes for Line, Bus, Generator, and Transformer protection.

  • Installs RTU and SCADA equipment and PLC's.

Maintenance and Testing

  • Maintains, tests, troubleshoots and repairs power transformers and auxiliary equipment such as bushings, surge arrestors, cooling equipment, and tap changers;

  • Maintains, tests, troubleshoots, and repairs power circuit breakers and operating mechanisms including hydraulic, pneumatic, solenoid operated and other stored energy systems;

  • Maintains, tests, troubleshoots, and repairs motors and motor control equipment; maintains, tests, troubleshoots, and repairs control circuits;

  • Performs predictive maintenance (IR scans) on electrical panels, transformers, switch gear and other related equipment.

  • Maintains Inspects Troubleshoots and Repairs facilities internal and external electrical systems/equipment such as lighting, lighting control, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Systems), battery monitoring, power distribution, switch boards and breakers,

  • Maintains Inspects Troubleshoots and Repairs redundant power distribution systems and equipment such as Standby and Emergency Generators, transfer switches, static transfer switches, and power distribution units.

  • Reads and interprets mechanical and electrical drawings and diagrams;

  • Follows all safety procedures when performing work such as clearance, LOTO (Lockout Tag out), switching, verification, grounding, and working on or around high voltage systems

Use of Equipment and Tools

  • Tests storage batteries; uses hand tools and small power tools such as drills, grinders, sanders, saws, and cutters.

  • Uses bucket and boom trucks, forklifts, and aerial equipment.

  • Climbs ladders and steel structures; uses fall protection equipment for working at heights.

  • Uses electrical test equipment such as voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, DC insulation resistance testers, transformer turns ratio testers, AC and DC high potential test sets, and circuit breaker testers.

Base Salary Hourly Low:



This position is located at SMUD's Hydro Generation Operation Facility (Fresh Pond) located approximately 60 miles east of Sacramento, 15 miles east of Placerville.

COVER LETTER REQUIREMENT To be further considered for this position you are required to respond to the following questions in the cover letter portion of your application:

  • Describe your experience working on high voltage equipment. Where did you acquire that experience?

  • List test equipment you have used in either troubleshooting or maintenance of high voltage equipment.

  • Describe your experience using personal grounds. Describe proper way to install personal grounds.

This posting will be used to create an eligibility list of qualified candidates to fill current and future limited term and full time Hydro Electrician vacancies. This list may also be used to fill Advanced Apprentice, Hydro Electrician vacancies.

Successful candidates may also be required to complete a hands on skills assessment.