Iberdrola USA Trader, Real - Time in Portland, Oregon


Business and Department

Portland Corporate Office Portland,OR


Negotiate transactions to financially optimize corporate assets including renewable and thermal generation. Capture of market arbitrage opportunities utilizing transmission to link markets across the United States. Capture of real-time arbitrage opportunities and manage day-ahead and real-time transactions. Provide market pricing for day ahead to real-time transactions. Create NERC E-tags, purchase transmission via OASIS and capture transactions accurately in Avangrid's

The role of the Real Time Trader is to perform real-time energy trading and marketing, negotiate wholesale sales and purchases in the hourly markets, coordinate generation operations with dispatch personnel, coordinate transmission reservations, negotiate transmission purchases, schedule and tag transactions. Manage and optimize corporate generating assets in the hourly market. Develop professional relationships with power marketers and traders. Key Responsibilities

energy management system.

Additional Responsibilities

Facilitate training of other real time traders. Provide generation and transmission schedules to ISO’s, control areas and transmission providers. Manage unit bids/offers in the Northeastern and Midwestern ISO's to optimize the portfolio. Manage asset and proprietary risk through Day-Ahead transactions. Trade physical power across the eastern US to maximize profitability Purchase transmission as needed to execute physical trades. Schedule and tagging of physical transactions. Trade intra-day financial power OTC in the Northeastern and Midwestern ISO's. Provide insight into the short term market and operations to other traders.

Provide insight into additional market areas as PPM's portfolio expands Represent Avangrid Renewables professionally with a diverse group of customers and market participants. Interact with plant personnel, traders, and system operators.Adhere to effective internal business and industry controls.

PC proficiency and experience with automated tools to support trading activity. Understanding of financial modeling, risk assessment, commodity management, electricity and natural gas

Ability to independently function in fast paced deadline dependent environment. Must be performance driven,


BA/BS degree in mathematics, business, finance, economics, or engineering or the equivalent combination

of education and experience. Solid understanding of generation & transmission operations.

Quick learning curve with the ability to receive, process, and transact on information.

Ability to self-motivate and create opportunities

Experience preferred with any of the following markets: WECC, CAISO, and Southwest, ERCOT, MISO, PJM, NYISO, with proven ability to understand market conditions and to identify sales/purchase opportunities.

trading and hedging practices.

  • self-motivated and proactive with demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills.

Preferred Qualifications

Ability to work rotating shifts of 12 hours which includes night shifts, weekends and holidays. Strong Excel experience. Familiarity with LIM or other price data warehouse. Ability to create NERC tags without templates. Familiarity with virtual transactions. Ability to model intra-day and next day pricing and load to devise strategies.

Experience with MISO, ERCOT, IMO, and HQ. Experience trading at different points within California Strong knowledge of the California ISO. Experience managing physical assets within the WSCC

All offers of employment are contingent upon the successful completion of a background check, references, drug screen, verification of legal right to work in the U.S., and in some cases, a credit check. A credit check will be administered when a prospective employee will be working in Finance, Accounting, Treasury or where duties may involve handling of funds, accounts or cash.

Avangrid Renewables is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, protected veteran status, status as an individual with a disability, or any other status or class protected by federal or state law.

Full Time Non-Exempt

Company: Avangrid Renewables

Department: Trading

Job Title: Trader, Real - Time

Location: Portland, OR

REFERENCE: 5100240201

Publication date: 20.08.2018