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Job Information

LG&E and KU Energy Substation Protection & Control Apprentice in Louisville, Kentucky


Job Description:

The normal duties may include but are not limited to: 1. Employee shall comply with all safety rules, regulations, and procedures applicable to their assigned duties. 2. Employee will be knowledgeable of and follow all governmental regulations, corporate rules, procedures and practices pertaining to the employee’s assigned duties. 3. Employee will develop the skills needed to progress to higher classifications through a combination of home study, classroom, and On the Job Training (OJT). 4. Employee will provide training to others regarding skills and knowledge that he/she has acquired relative to their area of work. 5. Employee will acquire and demonstrate adequate competency levels pertaining to the specific duties and qualifications outlined in the Duties and Qualifications sections of this job classification. Competency will be demonstrated and verified through routine performance evaluations and various training and development programs.6. The employee will progress in competency at a rate consistent with the time-in-grade requirements.7. Employee will watch for damaged or defective equipment or hazardous conditions and promptly report to supervision. As directed, the employee shall correct those conditions that are within his/her capabilities to safely manage.8. Employee will look for opportunities, and suggest ways to improve, the safety and functional operations of the company.9. Employee will keep all equipment, tools, materials and work areas in a clean, orderly, and good working condition.10. Employee will report to any work location and for any shift as directed.11. Employee will report to work as needed; at any time of day, or any day of the year.12. Employee will perform work in a responsible, reliable and cooperative manner to facilitate a positive working environment.13. Employee will compile information and generate reports, forms and documents as required.14. Employee will represent the Company to the community with attention to the highest standard of conduct, appearance and attitude.15. Employee must satisfactorily complete all required training programs adopted by the Company.16. Employee will perform such other duties as directed by his/her superior.SPECIFIC DUTIESDuties that may include, but are not limited to:1. Employee will assist higher classifications in the performance of assigned work primarily consisting of the installation, maintenance, adjustment, calibration and trouble shooting equipment assigned to Substation P&C. 2. Employee will learn the safe and correct operation of tools and equipment used by Substation P&C and uses them properly under the direction and guidance of others.3. Employee will study and become familiar with electrical prints, switching diagrams, technical manuals, maintenance and test procedures associated with employees assigned duties.4. Employee will operate company vehicles and equipment and shall acquire and maintain all necessary licensing, training and certifications as required 5. Employee will participate in a Training and Development program and develop a general knowledge of electrical fundamentals, electrical transmission and distribution equipment and its operation, and a basic skill level in routine Substation P&C functions through a combination of classroom, at home and On-The Job Training (OJT) programs. 6. Employee will actively participate in the Safety Training program to learn and follow the specific governmental, corporate and departmental rules, regulations, and procedures applicable to SC&M functions.

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Physical Effort:

Must be able to lift 75 lbs. from the ground to the height of 30 inches and 60 lbs. from waist level to chest on a routine basis; Typical equipment/materials that must be lifted includes but is not limited to tools, materials, parts, insulators; Able to climb up and down stairs and vertical and inclined ladders unassisted on a daily basis; Perform hand manipulations extended near floor level for extended periods of time on a routine basis

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Employee must have a 2 or 4 year degree in Electronics Engineering Technology or related technical field. 2. Employee must have a working knowledge of mathematics to perform various calculations such as ratios, electrical ratings, Ohm’s Law, areas, volumes, data trending, etc. encountered in normal work duties. 3. Employee shall have a working knowledge of both the English and metric systems of measurement. 4. Employee must be able to recognize the electrical and physical hazards typical of this work. This includes handling energized conductors and wiring using the appropriate personal protective equipment. 5. Employee must have the necessary compliment of tools required for this job classification. 6. Employee must demonstrate the ability to efficiently and effectively analyze and troubleshoot equipment operating problems. 7. Employee must have a working knowledge of computer operating systems including use of PC’s for general applications such as word processing, databases and spreadsheets.

Work Conditions:

Mix of field and shop work. Exposure to heat, cold, rain, ice, etc. Frequent standing and walking.

Required Education & Experience:

  1. Employee must meet all general qualifications of employment. 2. Employee must be able to speak, understand, read and write in the English language, and be able to understand and carry out oral and written instructions. 3. Employee must have the mental and physical aptitude to use the tools and equipment required in the performance of their duties and passes an aptitude assessment designed for this purpose. 4. Employee must have the ability to distinguish colors, and subtle shape and size differences. 5. Employee must be willing to learn and apply the Company Safety Rules. 6. Employee must have or obtain a valid state commercial driver's license (CDL), class A with a Hazardous Materials endorsement and fulfill all Company requirements for operating various vehicles and equipment associated with the job duties. 7. Employee must be willing to work in various environments associated with fulfilling the job duties, which includes working outside in all types of weather conditions and working on and around energized high voltage equipment. 8. Employee must be willing to report as directed to any location as needed at any time of day and any day of the year. 9. Employee must be in good health and pass a physical examination to verify ability to fulfill the physical requirements of the job, which includes but is not limited to climbing, kneeling, lifting objects weighing up to 75 pounds, and other heavy manual labor. 10. Employee must be willing and capable of working at heights and in confined spaces. 11. Employee must demonstrate the willingness and motivation to acquire advanced skills and knowledge required for higher classifications, and successfully completes entry level testing programs as required by LG&E. 12. Employee must demonstrate ability to communicate through both verbal and written reports. 13. Employee must conduct him/herself in a professional manner and demonstrate a cooperative attitude in working as a contributing member of a team. 14. Employee must demonstrate reliability, initiative and leadership.


4664 Jennings Lane



Job Function:

Substation Operations

Position Purpose:

Perform routine maintenance and installation work in high voltage electrical substations. Assist higher classifications in Substation Protection & Control (P&C) in performance of their assigned work and develop the skills needed to progress to higher classifications.



External Title:

Protection & Control Tech (Substation)