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National Grid Auto/Truck Tech 3/C w/cert in Lincoln, Rhode Island

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Key Accountabilities

  • Diagnose troubles, perform inspections and make repairs on chassis, engines, transmissions (including both automatic and manual), drive trains, rear axles, steering mechanisms, hydraulic braking systems, suspensions, cooling systems, wheels, tires, instruments, lighting accessories and other equipment as assigned.

  • Assist others in the performance of maintenance, inspections and repairs to all automotive/truck equipment owned by the company.

  • Work in a safe manner, productive and cost-effective manner.

  • Respond to service calls for scheduled and unscheduled repairs and preventive maintenance as assigned.

  • Handle standard garage materials and chemicals, some of which are classified as hazardous under Federal and State Right to Know laws and hazardous materials guidelines, including performing weekly and monthly garage inspections.

  • Accurately document work using Fleet Anywhere, or an equivalent vehicle maintenance program.

  • Works alone either in the assigned shop or at other locations within the limits of the classification.

  • Perform all other garage-related duties as assigned.


  • Must have passed the written and practical department entrance examinations.

  • Must have passed the Field Assessment Test.

  • Must demonstrate a responsible, thorough and a safe work ethic and sound mechanical ability.

  • Must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of general garage and machine shop practices.

  • Must be familiar with the operation of diagnostic instruments and other equipment used by the department.

  • Must have the ability to diagnose problems in automotive/truck equipment and to make the necessary repairs to return the equipment to safe and operable condition.

  • Must be familiar with the use and safe operation of gas welding equipment.

  • Must hold the following ASE certificates within twelve (12) months of entering this classification: T-1 Gasoline Engine and T-5 Suspension. If any 3/c technician fails any test within this period, they must pass the test at the next available opportunity.

  • Must have the ability to operate company-owned vehicles and equipment, such as trucks and forklifts.

  • Must be able to obtain within the first 6 months upon entrance to the classification a CDL-A license (interstate travel, restricted non-tractor trailer) with all appropriate restricted endorsements along with a valid health certificate.

  • Must possess a working knowledge of and the ability to use a desktop computer.

  • Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing in English.

  • Must supply own standard and metric tools and a secured toolbox. Hand tools must meet the standards of the automotive/truck trades and be appropriate to perform the duties of the position.

  • Must be able to work at heights.

  • Must furnish acceptable means of off-hour contact by telephone.

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