American Electric Power Line Mechanic C-A Columbus Southwest in Columbus, Ohio



Line Mechanic C-A Columbus Southwest

Job Description:

Assist in performing work involved with the installation, rearrangement, maintenance, operation, removal, and inspection of electrical transmission and distribution facilities, drive and operate line trucks and associated auxiliary equipment. All job duties apply to overhead and underground equipment and facilities. Assist with the assembly, installation, maintenance, removal and competently inspect underground facilities, conductors, fixtures, structures and other associated equipment on de-energized and grounded overhead and underground facilities under direct or immediate supervision. Climb poles, towers and ladders and demonstrate evidence of being at ease above ground level during the performance of work tasks. Demonstrate the ability to competently perform Ground person duties under immediate or direct supervision. Assist with loading, unloading, handling, maintaining, installing and removing poles, towers and structures. During the first six months in this classification, the employee must demonstrate the ability to operate Company equipment, climb poles and structures, and work on de-energized conductors and equipment. Also, under immediate supervision of a higher classification, may work secondary voltage up to 260 volts. After six months in this classification, under general supervision may work on conductors and equipment energized up to 260 volts, and may also work higher secondary voltages under immediate supervision of a higher classification. Assemble and install Line Material and hardware under direct or immediate supervision Use and store hand lines, tie knots and demonstrate a basic working knowledge with ropes and rigging equipment inspection and use. Splice primary and secondary overhead wires using the proper tools, hardware and equipment (including crimping and compression tools). Inspect and maintain tools, equipment and work area in a safe, clean and orderly fashion Identify, inspect, use and maintain all classes of rubber gloves and sleeves(PIPE), and insulating blankets, hoses and covers(IPE). Inspect, maintain, organize, operate and stock company vehicles, equipment and tools. Perform housekeeping duties as assigned. Report irregularities and abnormal conditions. Safely execute pole top rescue process Protect or control work area. Set and remove barricades, flags, signs, cones and associated equipment. Maintain accurate records and submit accurate reports as required. Correctly read and record information and registered readings on analog or digital Kilowatt-hour meters Perform similar or less skilled work as assigned.

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Columbus, OH

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Minimum Requirements:

Education: High school diploma or GED

Experience: Minimum of two (2) years of work experience as Line Mechanic D or equivalent experience as determined by the Company (2 years as C or equivalent for B classification)

Licenses/Certifications: Valid Class A CDL is required

Equal Opportunity Employer | Minorities/Females/Disability/Vets