MidAmerican Energy Company Meter & Control Technician - Will accept apprentice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

General Statement of Duties

Under general supervision performs all types of work related to the installation, operation and maintenance of odorizers, regulators, regulator-relief’s, valves, gas meters, correcting instrumentation and related facilities. Uses a computer and associated software in the performance of their regular duties.

Typical Duties

  • Performs work in safe manner. Complies with all applicable safety rules, regulations and procedures. Performs all work that they are qualified and trained to do in a manner to protect themselves, fellow employees and the public from injury.

  • Performs various types of work in connection with the installation, operation, and maintenance of regulator, odorizing and metering equipment in town border stations (TBS), district regulator stations (DRS) and industrial regulator and meter stations, including all auxiliary or control regulators and proper connection of control and loading lines to regulators.

  • Repairs and calibrates, and replaces corrected reading instruments, such as emcorrectors and base pressure indexes. Repairs, tests, calibrates and replaces, all types of positive meters, including rotary displacement meters. Replaces parts and equipment such as valve and diaphragms; calibrates, adjusts, proves and performs other duties necessary for completion of work.

  • Disassembles, repairs and reassembles all types of control regulators and relief regulators including self operating, pilot operating, and control valves; repairs and replaces parts and equipment such as seats, springs, diaphragms, etc.; adjusts set point and performs other duties necessary for completion of work.

  • Makes required tests, inspections and surveys, including leak tests, pressure test, insulation tests, field tests and repair of large capacity meters, test orifice meters, recorders and regulators, makes pressure surveys using prescribed methods as required; reports results of tests and inspections; repairs gas leaks as necessary in performance of regular duties; re-lights gas equipment when necessary as a result of meter testing.

  • Make periodic checks on delivery pressure and operation of all regulators, control valves, odorizing equipment in TBS, DRS, and industrial meter and regulator stations. Determines if equipment is operating satisfactorily and if not diagnoses and corrects any defects in operation.

  • Regularly inspects, greases and checks for proper operation of transmission, distribution system and large consumer gas valves.

  • Bypasses TBS, DRS, and commercial and industrial regulator and meter stations when necessary to ensure continuous and safe operating pressure to commercial, residential, and industrial customers or to distribution lines.

  • Installs, removes, repairs, inspects, maintains, and relights TBS heaters. Assists with the installation and removal of TBS and farm tap odorizers and associated equipment and piping. Fills, inspects, repairs, maintains, reads, and adjusts odorizers.

  • Sets, tests, repairs and calibrates orifice gauges, telemetering and Remote Operating Controllers (ROC); checks, repairs and calibrates recording thermometers. Accompanies pipeline representatives in checking pipeline metering; bypasses TBS and other orifice meter settings and changes and inserts orifice plates when necessary. Complete necessary forms and paper work.

  • Estimates, calculates and applies volume of gas to line used by customers while operating bypass and is responsible for maintaining service to customer during such bypassing.

  • Makes calculations to obtain various factors that are used in testing meters with critical flow prover, low pressure flow prover and computer operated transfer flow prover.

  • Determines the capacity rate of flow, based on pressure, that is to be used on positive meters so that it does not exceed the capacity of the meter.

  • Other duties as outlined in complete job description.

  • Valid drivers license

  • Pipeline Alcohol and Drug Testing

Employees must be able to perform the essential functions of the position, with or without an accommodation.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

Job: *Gas Distribution/Service

Organization: *Gas Delivery

Title: Meter & Control Technician - Will accept apprentice

Location: IA-Cedar Rapids

Requisition ID: 1800404