Michels Corp Agricultural Mechanic in Brownsville, Wisconsin

Agricultural Mechanic

Location: Brownsville, WI Corporate Office

Division: Equipment Maintenance and Support

Employment duration: Full time

Employee Referral Bonus: Tier 3


This position is responsible for repairing and maintaining equipment of fleet consisting of backhoes, trenchers, air compressors and tractors.

The essential duties and responsibilities of the position include, but not limited to:

  • Promote safety – assist with the implementation of all applicable HSE programs, policies and procedures.

  • Provide basic preventative maintenance services such as changing fluids and filters.

  • Replace and repair leaking seals and gaskets: (e.g. engine oil pan, valve covers, and hose seals)

  • Complete routine wiring of accessories (e.g. mobile radios, power invertor, and lighting).

  • Perform entry level torching, grinding and welding.

  • Deconstruct necessary areas to access and complete wiring. Reassemble to pre-wiring condition. Clean as necessary.

  • Verify accessories are in working condition prior to installation.

  • Perform undercarriage inspections and complete repairs.

  • Perform basic assembly and installation of parts: (e.g. buckets, forks, bucket teeth, etc.).

  • Diagnose and perform repair on machine charging system issues (load testing batteries, use multi-meter to test alternator, etc.).

  • Complete entry into Fleet Software to record work performed, order parts, etc.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Desired Qualifications include one year of heavy equipment repair. Candidates must have the understanding of using part books and service manuals. Also, completion of a diesel mechanic program and forklift experience are desired.