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Job Information

Natural Rural Electric Cooperative Member Meetings & Conferences, Specialist in Arlington, Virginia

This position provides multi-level, cross-functional and integrated support to facilitate the successful development, design and delivery of NRECA Education, Training & Events (ET&E) programs, including in-person conferences, seminars, online/virtual learning programs, and web-based events for electric cooperative managers, directors and staff. Works with conference program managers in supporting the development of their programs; supports event speakers and instructors; works with Marketing and Member Communications, Membership and Business Development in event registration and promotion; collaborates with meeting planners on event logistics and supplier coordination; and provides onsite and/or online support at selected programs. Provides support across all work units, projects, and assignments.

Purpose and Mission

• Provides project management support and coordination for NRECA conferences, meetings, training, online/virtual/hybrid programs, webinars, and workshops.

o Speaker Support & Coordination – Uses the Event Management System (EMS) to manage and coordinate speaker logistics, communications, contracts, accommodations, audiovisual needs, etc. Collects evaluations and publishes speaker presentations to event website and app. Reconciles and processes speaker invoices and payments. Develops program media assets such as rolling and title slides.

o Event Communications – Assists in the design and production of conference program guides and mobile apps. Facilitates program schedule updates and notices across appropriate channels. Reviews and edits conference work product (marketing materials, program guides, workshop manuals, web pages, etc.).

o Interdepartmental Coordination – Coordinates with Meeting Planners, Marketing and Member Communications, IT, Membership, and Business Development staff to ensure that all details necessary for the successful design and delivery of events are communicated and tasks expedited in a timely and efficient manner.

o Shipping and Delivery – Coordinates ordering and shipping of program-related items to the event sites.

o Continuing Education – Coordinates with the Senior Certification Specialist to gather and submit documentation to certifying organizations for continuing education credit offerings at conferences and events (CLE, CPA, CPM/CPSM, PE, PHR/SPHR and CAP/CPS).

o Assist in Event Close-Out Procedures – Maintains documentation, archives relevant information for future reference and use.

• Serves as a web conference producer to develop and deliver online/virtual programs that educate and inform members on critical issues.

o Works with web conference/virtual learning program sponsors and/or participants to design and plan the event.

o Schedules, sets-up and tests web-conferencing equipment and/or platforms, and NRECA’s EMS and/or learning management system (LMS) as appropriate.

o Troubleshoots technical difficulties with platform provider and participants.

o Manages web conferences via WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting, Freestone, or other platforms, including coordination of delivery using an outside vendor’s services.

o Develops and manages project timelines (set-up, registration, marketing, logistics, evaluations, close-out).

• Collaborates with the LMS super-administrators, course developers, program managers, instructors, speakers, and other stakeholders to facilitate change management and maintenance of online education programs across the Association.

o Collaborates with program managers to determine the most appropriate features and functions within the LMS to support their program or individual courses within their program.

o Based on content supplied by the program manager, works with administrator to build the initial prototype of the program on the LMS following the standard operating procedures (SOPs). Works with program manager and other stakeholders to test the prototype. After program manager has signed off on the prototype, build the final program in the LMS in preparation for launch.

o Coordinates with the netFORUM registrar to link individual course or program event with the corresponding Catalog Entry on the LMS. Troubleshoots any technical issues related to the data exchange between these two systems, escalating to IT and/or the LMS vendor as needed.

o As needed, creates login credentials for NRECA staff and outside instructors to grant some level of administrative rights within the system. Manually adds NRECA staff and outside instructors to the Catalog Entry as learners or as instructors for the purpose of monitoring the program and / or engaging with the online learners.

o Provides technical support to program managers and instructors on the LMS. As needed escalates technical issues to LMS vendor and/or NRECA’s IT department.

o Serves as a team member on the LMS Core Team by taking part in regular meetings, reviewing potential system enhancements, and performing user acceptance testing (UAT) on implemented system enhancements.

• Provides front-line member service and administrative support by handling member inquiries (via phone, online and onsite) about ET&E programs, creates surveys or polls for ET&E program managers using online survey tools, and assisting with the development of program evaluation instruments.

• Monitors conference budget and invoices.

o Assists program managers as needed with budgeting and budget tracking, reporting, or running financial reports.

o Reviews, reconciles, and codes event invoices; submits to Finance for processing and approvals.

• Uses association’s membership database (NETForum) to run event registration, financial summary, attendee lists or any other type of data that will support the conference or meeting. Complies with NRECA’s data security policies in handling of such data.

• Demonstrates proficiency in using the EMS to support interdepartmental collaboration and efficiency in the development and implementation of conferences and meetings.

o Assists program managers as needed in using the EMS to develop their conferences and meetings and managing speaker contracts and other logistical needs and requirements.

o Trains colleagues within the department in the use of the EMS.

o Serves as an EMS subject matter expert to answer questions regarding the system and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

o Assists in the development of standard operating procedures for capturing best practices in using the EMS and subsequent upgrades to the system.