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Job Information

Natural Rural Electric Cooperative Chief Scientist in Arlington, Virginia

The Chief Scientist is fundamentally responsible to help establish and sustain NRECA and the cooperative community as leaders in the scientific aspects of the advancing electrical grid and enhance our standing in the scientific and engineering communities both in the private sector and in government. The Chief Scientist must participate in meetings on behalf of NRECA and the co-ops in government, industry, and professional forums and participate through authored papers and presentation. The Chief Scientist must organize the pursuit of underwritten research, and lead or support bidding efforts where appropriate. The Chief Scientist must recruit high level scientific talent and build partnerships with leading researchers in industry and research institution. The Chief Scientist may serve as the Principal Investigator on multiple projects and provide a technical role on others. Within NRECA, the Chief Scientist is responsible for the management and administration of staff involved in underwritten research.

Purpose and Mission

• Assists with leading and managing technologically-complex research projects, which provides bottom-line and operational effectiveness impact to cooperatives in such areas as distribution, transmission, generation, renewable and distributed energy, energy efficiency and demand response, and smarter grid technologies.

• Supports building and advancing strong, winning relationships with federal agencies, large industry, and the network of national laboratories. Forecast and inspire/incubate funding opportunities and support for NRECA projects; and generates innovative partnerships with federal agencies in order to secure funding.

• Identifies compelling, unique project ideas with high-win potential funding requests. Supports building strong project teams including subject matter experts; rallies large teams for proposals; and oversees, produces technical portions, and structures components of large, multi-million dollar funding requests.

• Conducts primary research and products while analyzing and communicating technical barriers, enlisting member and partner endorsements, and delivers results at high-level briefings to national laboratories and federal government agency executives, senior advisors, and project managers with funding authority.

• Serves as one of the technical resources for the BTS division and leads the development of intellectual property to expand NRECA’s technical capabilities and demonstrate national technical leadership.

• Attracts and recruits stakeholders and builds necessary coalitions to raise external matching funds and negotiates financial obligations for participation in joint research opportunities.

• Monitors Department of Energy (DOE), other federal, state, and non-governmental research organizations’ current engagements to maintain an understanding of their research portfolios, and forecasts and develops new NRECA research opportunities, which align with future external programs.

• Shapes opportunities for NRECA to participate in technical briefings and presentations to federal agencies, large industry, national laboratories, academia, and research institutions.

• Supports the development and maintenance of a comprehensive vision of the future of the grid.

• Seven direct reports