San Diego Gas & Electric Gas / Underground Technician (B) - 03469 in San Diego, California

Job Description:

General Duties:

Performs a wide range of physical and semi-skilled work associated with the operation, maintenance, and construction of the Gas/ Electric distribution system under the direction of higher-level construction personnel. Works independently on some assignments. Performs duties to Company guidelines and established safety procedures. Performs plastic joining and installs pressure control equipment and operates those that are two inches and smaller. Digs and back-fills excavations using manual and/or powered tools and equipment. Cuts, threads, and prepares pipe for welding and fusing. Tests completed joints and applies protective coatings. Operates pipe locator, leak detector, plastic fusion equipment, shovel, and other pneumatic, power, or hand tools, assist but does not operate welding equipment, gauges, hand-held electronic instruments, and heavy construction equipment (e.g., bobcat, backhoe, etc.). Connects, operates and maintains tools. Assists other work groups, as needed. Responsible for the safe operation of Company vehicles. Performs various other equivalent and lower-grade functions that the employee has been trained for as required or assigned.

External Qualifications:


  • Must have good safety habits

  • Must have minimum six months of gas construction experience

  • Must obtain and maintain Poly qualification

  • Must obtain and maintain qualification in pressure control, phases 1,2 and 3

  • Previous training or experience in jobs requiring mechanical, construction, and pressure control skills

  • Must demonstrate knowledge of and ability to perform basic installation, repair, and maintenance on smaller pipeline facilities

  • Must be familiar with the installation and construction methods of underground gas piping of all sizes

  • Must have demonstrated ability to absorb formal training and schooling

  • Must be physically able to perform manual labor

  • Must have a good attendance record

  • Must have a valid California driver's license

  • Must pass a pre-employment drug test if a new hire or moving from a non-safety sensitive job

  • Must communicate clearly

  • May be required to work on-call

  • May be required to work emergency call- outs and be able to work occasional extensive hours

Note: Frequent contacts include: customers, and various company employees and supervisors involved in maintaining Gas / Electric system. Very Heavy - Frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighting 50 pounds or more with lifting objects in excess of 100 pounds as required. Work will include outdoor activity. Exposed to extremes of climate and temperatures, high noise levels, rotating and vibrating equipment, rough terrain, and occasional work on ladders, roofs, attics, or high platforms, as well as confined spaces. May be required to work with high pressure gas. May be required to handle hazardous materials and waste.


The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the California Public Utilities Commission have adopted regulations governing the control of drug use by persons in certain job classifications. This job is covered by that regulation (49 CFR 199) and candidates who are not already in a covered job classification will be tested for the presence of prohibited drugs and must meet DOT standards before appointment to the job. Candidates who do not successfully pass the drug test will be required to enter a drug rehabilitation program as a condition of returning to their present job. Once in the job, successful bidders will be subject to random drug testing.